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The First Time I Met Tift

This is really a great story for me to tell because I had just become a fan of hers a few months earlier after hearing Good Hearted Man on our public radio station here in Louisville, WFPK. I had never really heard a song like that before, and I was immediately hooked.

My friend Barbara and I were traveling to Chicago in early May, 2005 to see
U2. I am a huge U2 fan, so I was really looking forward to the concert. As luck would have it, Tift was appearing the next night at a club in Chicago, Schubas. What are the odds? I had gotten tickets for the U2 concert months in advance, and Tift was going to doing a show the very next night just a mile from the hotel.

Since Schubas also served food, we decided to go early, have dinner, and get a good spot for the show. Schubas has a little patio outside where you can eat, and since the weather was great, we decided to eat outside. While we were waiting for our food, I noticed someone standing by herself, waiting for a table. You can probably guess who it was, but I didn't recognize her!

I was getting pretty excited about the show, so while we were waiting, I went into Schubas to see where she would be playing. There really couldn't have been a bigger contrast to the U2 concert the night before. While U2 had played before over 20,000 people at the United Center, Tift would be playing in a much, much smaller room, typical for a club.

As I came back to the patio, I noticed the same woman and it finally dawned on me that it was Tift! I am sure this sounds a bit naive, but I really couldn't believe it was her. Shouldn't she be traveling with an entourage? In limos? With paparazzi? Instead, she was sitting by herself just 5 tables away.

After sitting down and telling Barbara who I thought it was, I got up, walked over to Tift's table, and introduced myself. I really didn't want to bother her, so I tried to keep it short. I think I basically said something to the effect that I am an idiot fan so please excuse me for stumbling over my words, as I am a bit in awe. Or something like that :). The rest of the band joined her just a bit later for dinner.

The show was great. It was my first Tift show, and it was in sharp contrast to the U2 show. While the night before we had been just two of over 20,000, that night we were the first in the doors and had a table 5 feet from the stage.

posted @ Saturday, May 13, 2006 10:32 AM by cmccand

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Tift's taping policy

Tift's taping policy:

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