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Tift Review - NYC Oct. 12, 2006

Good morning all.. Fortunately, I took today off, so that I can relax and also meet my son in the city...  This was definitely a different Tift appearance in that she opened for another artist, rather than a solo or top billing.

The Ethical Center is a lovely church building right off Central Park West, with an intimate feel, comfortable pew seating, and very nice acoustics. I was pleased that Tift started her show exactly on time (8 PM - a welcome change from some very delayed openings I have seen), accompanied only by her acoustic guitar (none of Tift's band members were with her). She looked resplendent in a black dress with an open back - which she playfully showed off, and suede boots -

Tift opened with a couple of numbers which I had not heard before.. hopefully a new album is in the works... There were nice versions of 'Write My Ticket' and 'Laid a Highway' as well as 'Supposed to make you happy'.

Tift then showed her versatility with a soulful version of Good Hearted Man on piano (her instrumental accompaniments on guitar, harmonica, and piano were perfect). As usual, Tift maintained a nice rapport with the audience, teasing them about how well mannered they were, not like our reputation :}

My only regret was the short length of the show (under an hour) - unlike other shows where I have seen her go for up to two solid hours.. definitely opening act mode.  This would have made a very nice 'Tift unplugged' for VH-1 or CMT.

After Tift finished, I went to the lobby, hoping to chat with her. I only saw a table with Dwight Yoakam merchandise, and was mulling leaving to catch an early bus, when Tift breezed by like a little angel. She responded graciously and then proceeded to sit at a table to sign CDs, and chat with her fans, as is her custom.  My disappointment at the short length of her set was offset by the length of time she spent chatting with her fans (I have a digital photo of her which I will post when I get it saved on CD).

There were quite a few fans who had evidently attended quite a few shows, and after half an hour chatting with them and Tift (I teased her about us Yankees having hospitality, and Tift responded emphatically, no I LOVE it here!) I caught the bus..

BTW - I would have been glad to catch Dwight's act.. I like the rockabilly sound of some of his work, but my days of hanging out all night, getting home while it is light and doing it all over again are long gone... dammit!!!


posted @ Friday, October 13, 2006 8:41 AM by robertaxel

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Tift's taping policy:

Tift has asked us to put up the taping policy for y'all, so here 'tis:

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