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The Tift Merritt Screaming Teen Fan Club

Welcome to the Tift Merritt Screaming Teen Fan Club!

The most righteous Tift Merritt Screaming Teen Fan Club (TMSTFC) was founded on on 8 August 2006.  It's small, devoted, growing, active, friendly, international, and has excellent taste in music.  (And, so far as we know, no teens yet--though they are certainly welcome.)  Tift will be happy to tell you that she is all about it. 

Member benefits include free self-guided tours of Bynum 365 days a year, 24-hour access to free of charge, the right to associate with others who care that Tift signed your CD, PBR can, stomach, the hood of your Ranchero (bonnet of your Ranchero, for you Brits, but you're not likely to drive a Ranchero . . . )

 The REAL rules

To join the TMSTFC, you have to like Tift Merritt.  Then you have to go see her live and get your picture taken with her to prove it.  Then you send us the picture and let us post it.  Don't you wish most cool things were that easy?


1)  If you get your picture taken with Jay Brown AND a copy of ANY Anne Murray recording ON 8-TRACK TAPE you choose to bring for that purpose, or

2)  You get your picture taken with Zeke Hutchins AND whichever Evel Knievel action figure you choose to bring for that purpose; (if you go to the show actually DRESSED as Evel Knievel . . . we may build a shrine for THAT picture;  and if your date is dressed as Anne Murray ... then we would totally have to buy you a show-condition '67 GTO if we could afford it--but anyway--)


Q:  Who was the first Mack-Daddy?
A:  Chris McCandless, founder of this website.  See

Q:  What is Tift Merritt's real name?
A:  Tift Merritt


 Some Screaming Teens at the Labor Day Weekend show with the NC Symphony, Cary, NC, 9/2/07.  From L to R:  Zach Crocker, Mack Daddy #3, long-timer Scott "Hub" Huberty, Chris McCandless, founder/admin and Mack Daddy #1, Phillip Reid, TMSTFC founder and Mack Daddy #2.  Not pictured here are long-timer Forrest Smith (Mack Daddy #0) and Andie Reid (Mack Daddy #5).

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