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Tift's taping policy

Tift's taping policy:

Tift has asked us to put up the taping policy for y'all, so here 'tis:

"The taping policy is open.  No outboard gear that will interfere with any other person's enjoyment of the show, please."

About Tony Nelson
I'm a photographer based in Minneapolis who's had the opportunity to photograph Tift quite a few times over the years.  Along with being a photographer, I'm also a total music junkie so I try to combine these two passions by working within the music industry - sometimes for record labels and for magazines like Spin or Rolling Stone or Interview, but also for lots of local publications & clients here in the Midwest. 
I met Tift in Austin while covering SXSW for a couple magazines back in 2001.  I'd wandered into her show at the Austin Music Hall & liked what I heard but had to leave early to make another show.  The next day I was at a little outdoor show when Tift & the band showed up to play next so I stuck around, shot some pictures & talked to her afterwards.  We did a few portraits and we had a good time with it - I learned that she was also a photographer, she learned about my weak attempts  at playing music & we agreed to keep in touch.  Since then I've photographed her several times - mostly shows either here in Minneapolis or at SXSW but also a few portrait sessions.  I was especially flattered when she called to use one of my shots for the "Home is Loud" cover.  It was taken at a show in Minneapolis in 2005.
The photos I've sent to the new site here are some of the highlights from these shows & sessions.  It's probably obvious she's a favorite subject of mine and I hope to keep hanging out & documenting her career for years to come.

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Pictures of Tift and the band taken in 2005 by Tony Nelson at SXSW and Minneapolis.
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