Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Tift's taping policy

Tift's taping policy:

Tift has asked us to put up the taping policy for y'all, so here 'tis:

"The taping policy is open.  No outboard gear that will interfere with any other person's enjoyment of the show, please."

Plainest Thing

I found a mark
Where the ink bled through
Under a song
I was writing for you
Crumpled up in the drawer
Stained with blue
Quiet and easy
What I wanted to prove


The plainest thing
The plainest thing
I walk right by it
It's just the plainest thing

Sun hits the floor
Same as shadows will
So I sat in the light
And I stayed very still
Heat on my skin
Bright in my face
I didn't have any questions
I didn't feel out of place


I don't know how it works
I don't know how to say
I was thinking about us
It's the plainest thing


I forgot about it
It's just the plainest thing
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