Thursday, March 21, 2019
Tift's taping policy

Tift's taping policy:

Tift has asked us to put up the taping policy for y'all, so here 'tis:

"The taping policy is open.  No outboard gear that will interfere with any other person's enjoyment of the show, please."

Write My Ticket

This city must belong to someone
But it don't belong to me
From the window I got here
I count the traffic through my tears
Wanting to write my ticket
Write my ticket home

I got to get
Back in the arms
Of a man who loves me
I got to get
Back to the people who have
Always been proud of me
Take me back
I was wrong
Write my ticket

Place called Suzy's
I'm a waitress
Sue says
"Girl, you'll get used to all this"
There is no way she could see
How much that cold rain
Gets to me
How much I'd trade it
For a picture in my mind


I can hear them
Sitting around joking
"She talk so big
"Lord she come back broken"
Well I had to try
I ain't so proud
I wish I were
Talking about nothing
With them right now


Write my ticket
Write my ticket
Write my ticket

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