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Danny Eisenberg

Danny Eisenberg

Hammond organ/ Wurlitzer/ electric piano
Hometown: San Francisco, CA.  Danny was born and raised in San Francisco and Berkeley and grew up steeped in the great Bay Area music scene.
Keyboardist Influences:  Billy Preston, Greg Rolie in early Santana, Sly Stone
First instrument: a piano around his parents’ house, later Hammond organ, Wurlitzer organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano
The first music that captured his attention as a kid:
Danny’s mother had a piano around the house that he started playing when he was 7 or 8 years old. While he was growing up, she used to play records by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Donovan, the musical Hair and other classics from the ‘60s and this music became his earliest influences. Later, as a teen, Danny discovered the Grateful Dead and Santana and other improvisational rock bands of the early ‘70s which also had a big impact on his approach to music. Danny currently enjoys listening to Oscar Peterson’s jazz trios when relaxing at home.
Previous Bands:
Mother Hips 1994-1997
Jonathan Richman 1996
Shelby Lynne 2000
Ryan Adams (with Brad Rice) 2001-2003
Glider (w/ Jim Boggio and Dave Immergluck of Counting Crows) 2003-current
Historical or Current Public Figure who is a Hero/Inspiration: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Favorite Five Cities: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Amsterdam
Life Motto/Guiding Principle: Keep on truckin’
Alternate Occupation: Music analyst for
Drink Of Choice: fresh squeezed tart lemonade
Perfect Day: On a day off, Danny’s perfect day would consist of a good night’s sleep, and then hanging out all day with his girlfriend. The day would include having a breakfast of excellent 100% buckwheat pancakes, 3 eggs over medium, crisp bacon and Earl Grey tea or really good coffee. The day would carry on with a shopping excursion for hip clothes, having a nice walk in the park, catching a good action movie and then dinner in a New York-style Italian restaurant or a really good Chinese place.   On a working day, nothing makes Danny happier than playing a really great show with top notch musicians who are locked into the groove and listening closely in collective improvisation to an enthusiastic, responsive audience.
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