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Zeke Hutchins

Zeke Hutchins


Real name: Jonathan Lee Hutchins

"Named after John Lee Hooker at the insistence of my father. I was soon referred to as Zeke and it has remained with me since I was crawling.  Obviously, I was turned onto music first by my father. I began playing drums as a teenager. I started putting out 45's of my first band Queen Sarah Saturday while in high school. Once in college, we put out a couple of records with Thirsty Ear/Sony Records and toured steadily. I met Tift when I returned to college. We became close friends, went to shows together, and eventually, she gave me a cassette tape of some of her songs. The tape blew me away. I was amazed by her songwriting, her voice, and what she was doing at the time. I insisted we start a band, and that's what we did.

"While playing with Tift I continue to stay busy with other projects. Some of the projects I am working on or have worked on:

Johnny Irion: Unity Lodge - drums/touring
Sarah Lee Guthrie: Sarah Lee Guthrie - drums/touring
Sarah Lee and Johnny: Exploration - drums/touring

Portastatic: Autumn Was A Lark - touring/drums
Thad Cockrell: Warmth and Beauty - drums/touring
Hotel Lights: currently touring/drumming

: Through the Winter - currently drumming/touring

"Vella Recordings: The label I started with Jay Brown to put out Stillhouse records [Vella also put out the initial release of Buckingham Solo in 2009]

"Music Maker Relief Foundation
- Please check this foundation out!  I just finished producing a record for them by John Dee Holeman that has a lot of the guys from Chatham County Line playing on it. Cool John Ferguson is on it. A really cool record. John Dee is 78 years old and from Durham, NC.

"Thanks to all of the fans at! You all really help make it work.


Zeke Hutchins has been The Drummer all along.  On the road, he usually functions as tour manager as well.  He and Tift were married in March 2009.

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